Zhang Meng: Busy and beautiful lifestyle leads to Youth Startup’s “VANATURE” healthy skin care brand

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Youth Startup

Youth Startup

Pay attention to the growth of women in the new era, the natural, pure and organic skin care trend.

Beijing, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “VANATURE” is a natural, pure and organic skin care brand founded by Zhang Meng, the founder of Qingchuang Brand. With the brand concept of “from nature, to value”, “VANATURE” has become a new brand in the field of natural and organic skin care. As a brand that pays attention to personal growth and healthy lifestyle, it puts forward the concept of “periodic skin care”, and through scientific methods, selects natural, effective, safe and high-quality ingredients to create a star single product.

Founder Zhang Meng: Ten-year Business Incubation Series Consumer Brand
Zhang Meng is a well-known cross-border entrepreneur in China, and she is also an outstanding woman with multiple identities, such as a million-selling author, a well-known knowledge anchor and a professional boxer. She founded a brand that provides knowledge training and counseling for young people, “Qingchuang Youth Startup”; And has published 13 books; The whole network has more than 15 million fans; It has great influence among the youth in China. In the past ten years, Qingchuang has grown into a comprehensive platform integrating knowledge training, IP incubation, brand e-commerce and original content output. It has also launched many successful consumer brands in China, including natural skin care, health preservation, efficient cultural creation and so on, and “VANATURE” brand is one of them.
“VANATURE” took the lead in putting forward the concept of stage cycle skin care. Through scientific research, it was found that the stage state of women’s skin was closely related to the changes of women’s physiological cycle, and the skin appeared in different stages of the physiological cycle. We extracted the laws from the big data of women’s physiological cycle skin changes, and insisted on selecting natural, effective, safe and high-quality ingredients that were scientifically verified and traceable. The product series of “VANATURE Mingyun Four-cycle Stock Solution” adopts stepwise progressive skin care, which is highly praised by consumers. Among them, the functional component is polypeptide firming, anti-wrinkle and activating extract, which has obvious inhibitory effect on elastase. With the increase of product concentration, the inhibitory rate of elastase increases linearly, and the inhibitory effect of the product is enhanced, which proves that the product has anti-wrinkle and firming effects. And # Four-Cycle Skin Care Training Camp # exploded the whole network with a good reputation, and became a hot comment product on platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu, which attracted many consumers’ pursuit in Weibo and gained 36.38 million super-high readings.
In terms of product development and production, “VANATURE” adopts the multi-party demonstration and co-creation mode of professional product development process, has an industry-leading supply chain, strong scientific research strength and automatic production line, and cooperates with the world-renowned French Xianting Innovation Laboratory to jointly develop and integrate with the modern management of international production facilities, equipment and specialties, and implements intelligent production in many fields. Transparent production environment, 100,000-level medical grade dust-free purification workshop, strict quality control and strong production capacity are adopted, and the production environment conforms to GMP standards, and natural skin care products such as Mingyun four-cycle stock solution, white truffle set, Force Green Juice, essential oil for heart flow, Zhen Yan Jing Jie Yan Lu, ginger herb rich washing sheath, and cultural and creative products such as efficiency manual and extreme north coffee are created. Once listed, the above products are widely praised by consumers. At the same time, in order to continuously improve the products, VANATURE also incorporates the real feedback from users into product research and development, actively creates with users, and empowers busy and beautiful young people in the new era.

Founder Zhang Meng said: “Our goal is to develop every product with the best natural ingredients to help every customer realize the desire of natural and healthy skin. We always believe that helping others succeed is the greatest success. ” It is this firm belief and strict quality control that makes the “VANATURE” brand quickly succeed in the market.

Brand anniversary gift box, sought after by the market, sold for 7 seconds to grab the air.

As an early riser who has persisted for 20 years, Zhang Meng initiated an influential “early riser community” in China. The topic # Get up early with Meng Jie # in Weibo has been read by 340 million people, helping young people to develop the habit of getting up early and being self-disciplined. At the Youth Startup anniversary celebration of Qingchuang, Qingchuang’s own brand gift box was sold out for 7 seconds, and a large number of fans and followers showed a fiery scene of “companion snapping up”.

Busy and beautiful lifestyle advocated by Zhang Meng.

In the concept of founder Zhang Meng: Being busy and beautiful is a state of life, a kind of balance, work and health, busyness and leisure. It is a guide for women to live themselves in the new era! Busy, not just work, but concentrate on work, which is a high-quality busy; Beauty is not an empty bag, but a combination of work and rest in life, which is all-round beauty. She encourages women to pursue a busy and beautiful life, so as to build the sense of security they want and incubate the correct values.

As a cutting-edge brand in China, “VANATURE” has taken a solid step, winning the recognition and support of consumers with its advanced brand concept and altruistic code of conduct; Founder Zhang Meng’s entrepreneurial journey, from the dream of realizing the Olympic Games to helping young people grow up, to creating a product brand with natural skin care, health preservation and efficiency, shows the world the spirit of China’s contemporary youth to constantly break through themselves and pursue Excellence. In the future development, under the leadership of Zhang Meng, Qingchuang Youth Startup and its brands such as “VANATURE” will also lead the new trend of health and beauty, launch more high-quality products, convey the health concept of truth, goodness and beauty to the whole society, and continuously convey the brand value.

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