Budget Skincare: Where to Save + Where to Splurge / 2022 Edition

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Times are incredibly tough right now so the big question is: where can we cut corners in our skincare routine without sacrificing results?

The condition of our skin is so closely linked to our feelings of self-confidence and wellbeing that I’d argue that, rather than making ourselves feel better through lipstick (the infamous Lipstick Effect), that savvy skincare shopping is a much better investment.

So here’s my top cost-cutting advice for you uncompromising skincare aficionados!

Tip #1

Avoid wasting money on redundant categories.

There is simply no need for a specific product for your neck or decolletage (your facial care is perfectly fine), and likewise, creams targeting issues like cellulite and stretch marks are ineffective for the most part and a waste of time, money and morale.

Tip #2

Avoid duplication.

This is surprisingly common but unnecessary. I’ll frequently see patients who’re layering more than one retinoid at a single sitting without realising it – you need to look at the ingredients list, not just what a product claims to do.

Tip #3

Try multi-tasking.

I think that any product that saves you time and cash is a win. That’s why hardworking products like Flawless Nightly Serum are so efficient – it’s like 4 serums in 1 (except that I don’t think, practically, anyone layers 4 things successfully or without endless patience). The best part is that the right combination of active ingredients at the right percentages carefully formulated together in a single layer is likely to deliver more transformation power than if you used them independently because of ingredient synergy.

Similarly skincare make-up hybrids do this too – a tinted sunscreen that just needs a little concealer, rather than full-on foundation or the tinted lip balm that means you can do away with that lipstick altogether!

Tip #4

Don’t overspend on cleansing.

Remember that products that are in contact with your skin for limited time will have little ability to correct a skin issue. Cleansers are a great example of this short contact principle so keep them functional and formulated to do no harm – that’s it. Body cleansing is a category in which you can make real savings – as soon as you take expensive fragrance-based scents out of the equation, you’ll find absolute bargains that are great for your skin to boot.

I’m a huge fan of Eucerin as it’s a great brand for dry skin. The goal with cleansing is to do no harm. Their Urea Repair Foam is one of the best gentle cleansers on the market, especially as we head into winter. Just pair with your favourite Diptyque candle for the hedonism and the cash-saving benefits!

Generally speaking, if you’re on a tight budget, you can probably do worse than trying Cerave. For basics, I think it’s great in terms of both formulation and price point. I think their prices get a little over-inflated for what they are, once you get into their more active products. But as the foundation of your routine, they’re very effective.

Final Thoughts

Creating a cost-effective skincare routine has never been easier, in terms of choice and access to great active ingredients. Hopefully, with a clear plan and defined goals you’ll find it easy to focus on the products your skin needs and skip those that haven’t truly earned their place.


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