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OLIVIA QUIDO Clinical Skincare Acne Cream Moderate (2 fl.oz.) | Formulated with Benzoyl Peroxide for Mild to Severe Acne Spot Treatment | Acne Scar and Blemish Corrector | Pimple Cream for Breakouts
REMOVES ACNE BLEMISHES: Our acne cream can also be used to lighten dark spots caused by acne breakouts. Regular use of our acne scar corrector can help you get a brighter and more even skin complexion.
REVEAL CLEARER SKIN: Give your skin a luxurious spot treatment for a clear and balanced skin tone. Our acne cream works well with mild to severe acne by drying out pimples without burning your skin
SKINCARE ROUTINE: You may use our acne cream during your morning and night skincare habit. For first time users, start with one application per day. Cleanse your skin thoroughly before patting a thin layer to the affected area.
O SKIN BEAUTY: Experience luxurious skincare and get the maximum lightening effects by using our Acne Cream Moderate along with our other O Skin Care products.

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