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In today’s hectic and consumer-driven world, it is a must for businesses to focus on profits and market share. However, at Azurlis™ Botanical Skin Care we recognize the importance of giving back to society and feel socially conscious to supporting charitable causes.

A Compassionate Connection

By partnering with organizations such as the NZ SPCA, Dunedin Women’s Refuge and the Royal NZ Coast Guard, we want to contribute to positive change that reflects our holistic approach to business. So, our resolve – in addition to our annual contributions to these organisations, from the end of August 2023, Azurlis will contribute $1 per product sold, to these organisations.

These are small contributions that we hope to grow, and will make with a big heart.

The Power of Purpose

At the heart of any socially responsible business is a strong sense of purpose. At Azurlis, we are driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, are want to support charitable organizations that align with our values. We believe in investing time, resources, and funds into these partnerships, as our role within society is well beyond producing natural skin care products.

Supporting Animal Welfare

We are totally committed to our partnerships with the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as well as with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA). We recognize the vital role that animals play in our lives and strive to give back to the furry companions that bring us joy and companionship. By supporting the SPCA’s and PETA’s efforts, we contribute to the wellbeing of animals in need, showcasing our commitment to ethical practices and compassion. Definitely, NO animal testing of skin care products.

Empowering Women in Need

The Otepoti Dunedin Whanau Women’s Refuge organization, part of the nation-wide group, plays a critical role in providing support, shelter, and resources to women and families experiencing domestic violence. By supporting the Women’s Refuge Azurlis is committing to fostering a safe and supportive environment for women in need. Through financial contributions and fundraising campaigns, we are lending our voice and resources to a cause that touches the lives of countless individuals.

Safeguarding Coastal Communities

The Royal NZ Coastguard is a life saver for coastal communities, ensuring safety at sea and responding to emergencies. By supporting the Coastguard volunteers Azurlis highlights their dedication to community resilience and disaster response, safety and security of coastal regions, underscoring Azurlis’ commitment to holistic community wellbeing.

Beyond the obvious goal to support these organisations, at Azurlis we believe that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive – they can coexist to create a more compassionate and caring society. We are all part of a big world, but we want to go beyond skin care, by nurturing our communities and our world for a brighter future.