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What we eat has a profound effect on our skin – it’s the largest organ in the body and its appearance closely reflects its health. Today I want to share what I eat in a day to achieve my dietary goals, focusing on high quality protein consumption, plenty of “good” fats and harnessing the power of anti-inflammatory foods. “Inflammaging” affects all our tissues, not just our skin so this approach to your diet has far-reaching effects beyond healthy skin.

What to eat for healthy skin at breakfast?

For breakfast, I prioritise protein, which is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails. I skip pricey collagen supplements and opt for good quality protein sources like a bagel (surprisingly high in protein), yogurt, nuts, and seeds. Blueberries are also a staple in my breakfast as they’re packed with antioxidants. Vitamin D is hard to get from food, so I take a supplement, D-lux 3000 iu, to maintain healthy levels.I don’t drink caffeine outside of breakfast as I’m prone to insomnia but I enjoy a cup of English Breakfast with a dash of oat milk first thing. The caffeine in tea has been show to increase dopamine receptors in our brain, and assists with drive and motivation, plus it tastes delicious! I also take a supplement called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) to improve cellular mitochondrial health (the battery in all our cells) and brain function.

What to eat for healthy skin at lunchtime?

At lunchtime, I typically choose something like this combination – sweet potatoes roasted with spices, with greens such as rocket, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and seeds. Rocket and avocado are great sources of vitamin E, a primary antioxidant in the skin, and I pair my sweet potato with either feta, falafel, and houmous or smoked salmon, all of which are good sources of protein. An apple with a spoonful of nut butter makes for a perfect snack later in the afternoon. I tend to drink water with lunch and I might have a cup of decaffeinated coffee after eating.

What to eat for healthy skin at dinner?

For dinner, I enjoy healthy curries or baked salmon with spinach and tahini, one of my favourite recipes from Ottolenghi. If I have takeaway, I try to stick to Lebanese with grilled chicken, baba ganoush, houmous, falafel, beetroot, and spinach salad. I wind down with ginger or mint tea and occasionally have a square of Tony’s Salt Caramel Chocolate or a couple of Candy Kittens – my sweet treat!
When I eat well, it tends to support regular working out, better sleep and general feelings of wellbeing and a bright complexion. But in truth, I enjoy this kind of eating so it isn’t a chore and I think that’s the key.
To make consistent habits achievable, shape them in a way that is sustainable for long-term success.


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