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Warm Weather Skin Care Tips From The Fairy Glow Mother


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The heat is rising which means it’s time to transition the steps in your skin care routine. This warm weather is meant for Black women to be outside. When doing so, skin protection is a non-negotiable. Skin care fanatics may want to use an excessive amount of products but Oakland-based esthetician, Hadiyah Daché says she recommends three to six products to compliment your warm weather skin care regimen. Daché is a six year, skin care expert and the CEO of Glowdega

© Provided by 21 Ninety Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Hadiyah Daché © Provided by 21 Ninety Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Hadiyah Daché

Daché, who calls herself the Fairy Glow Mother, specializes in treating acne and hyperpigmentation through extractions, exfoliates, and peels. Her focus is treating clients with skincare concerns. Daché believes skin is unisex and says if you have skin, you are welcome. She created her skincare line, Glowdega Skin Magic, to ensure everyone’s skin needs are met.

Treating Hyperpigmentation 

During the warm weather, your pores may clog and create acne.  Afterwards, the infected areas may result in hyperpigmentation. Melanated women may experience dark spots due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Daché says the key to treating hyperpigmentation is hydrating the affected area. She recommends treating inflammation before hyperpigmentation to solve the problem. She insists on incorporating tyrosinase inhibitors for hyperpigmentation. Daché is an advocate of alcohol free, mandelic serums to treat those with acne prone skin.

Sunscreen is Your Best Friend

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Sunscreen is meant to be applied twice throughout the day. Yes, a beat face requires the same treatment. Daché says makeup lovers can use a spray-on SPF for sun protection while made up. As for natural-look makeup wearers, she says reapplying sunscreen lotion will make your foundation look refreshed and dewy. SPF compact powders are another innovative approach to protecting your skin while looking beat. 

Keep Your Day and Night Skincare Routine Simple 

Exfoliating the face twice a day could be a disservice to your skin. During the daytime, Daché says start your routine using a gentle face wash. Also, she wants more women to incorporate antioxidants. She says antioxidant sprays or serums will help combat aging and leave the skin glowing. Daché suggests completing your nighttime skincare routine when you get home after a fun filled day. The use of exfoliants and hydrating moisturizers work well at night. Daché says sunscreen acts as a moisturizer and doesn’t recommend using another moisturizing product during the day. Daché believes keeping your skincare routine simple can eliminate excessive problem areas. 

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