Want brighter, softer, more flawless skin – AND fewer lines and wrinkles? This indulgent serum powered by rare silk and copper is the secret (and you can save $15 with our code …

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Want brighter, softer, more flawless skin – AND fewer lines and wrinkles? This indulgent serum powered by rare silk and copper is the secret (and you can save $15 with our code right now)

By Tanya Sharma For Dailymail.com

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Just like our minds and bodies, our skin can grow stressed and aggravated when exposed to external stressors. Anything from the ravages of time to everyday stress can take its toll. 

Now you can counter those effects with Love, Indus Luminosity Dewdrops, a nourishing formula that moisturizes and heals to leave skin healthier and brighter — and you can also save $15 by entering code DEW15 at checkout.

Love, Indus Luminosity Dewdrops 

Transform your skin with this lovely formula enriched with a cocktail of lush ingredients, including rare Muga silk, Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea, ashwagandha, copper, and hyaluronic acid.

Save $15 on this nourishing and healing potion that’s unlike anything you’ve used before — just enter code DEW15 at checkout. 

Save $15  Shop

Your skin couldn’t be more deserving of this kind of TLC. Think of it as the ultimate act of self-care. The formula is enriched with some of the most healing ingredients on earth, cleverly combined to yield a precious, incomparable potion.

Among them is rare Muga silk, a prized essence with a lustrous finish. It’s known not just for its beauty, but also its resilience — and in this game-changing serum, the hydrolyzed silk lends those very same benefits to your skin.

Silk magic: Experience the wonders of Luminosity Dewdrops coupled with four reusable silk cocoons infused with copper to gently exfoliate and leave skin smooth and more youthful.

Love, Indus Luminosity Dewdrops are also enriched with Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea. It’s among the world’s most exclusive and coveted teas, offering potent antioxidants that strengthen and brightens kin.

You may be familiar with ashwagandha, popularly used to reduce stress. It also happens to be a powerful antioxidant, supporting your skin’s hydration levels and resilience with regular use.

The formula also contains copper, another antioxidant that supports the natural production of collagen and elastin, both of which slow naturally with age. Plus, hyaluronic acid intensifies moisturizing properties.

Total TLC: You deserve only the best of everything, and that includes an extraordinary skin care routine that addresses both your complexion’s immediate needs and long-term condition.

It’s clear that the Luminosity Dewdrops are anything but ordinary, enhanced by the fact that the formula comes with four copper-crusted silk cocoons (reusable!). It’s a first-of-its-kind innovation that marries silk and copper, yielding a skin-loving treatment that elevates the properties of the serum.

They gently slough away dead skin cells, softening your complexion and allowing for enhanced product absorption — all while minimizing the appearance of common concerns like fine lines and age spots.

The reviews are as impressive as the formula itself, with one user offering a simple synopsis: ‘This product has literally changed my life (I now have a skincare routine that I LOVE, thanks to Amrutini Drops). It’s going to leave your face looking AMAZING and sooooo hydrated, pretty, and plumpy.’

Uniquely yours: Infused with unique Muga silk, along with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ashwagandha, and copper, Love, Indus Luminosity Dewdrops leave skin baby-soft and cushioned in comfort.

‘It softens my skin and gives it a glow it never had,’ shares another. ‘The cocoons that it comes with are also something so innovative that helps to exfoliate my skin and take all the “dirt” and rest of the makeup that doesn’t usually come out.’

Don’t wait to add something extraordinary like Love, Indus Luminosity Dewdrops to your routine — and don’t miss the opportunity to save $15 for a limited time.


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