Top 7 Layering Techniques for Maximum Skincare Results

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Welcome to my secret skincare laboratory, where I’m spilling the tea on the expert art of layering techniques that will transform your skincare routine into a highly effective and results-driven experience. These seven cutting-edge layering techniques for how to layer your skincare, all of which will help you make the absolute most of your skincare products. From achieving even distribution to precise titration, let’s dive into the world of skincare layering and unlock your skin’s true potential!

How to Layer Skin Products

1) The 13 Dot Technique – A Little Goes a Long Way

Why waste your precious skincare products when you can use the 13 Dot Technique? This method ensures an even distribution of products designed to cover your entire face while making them last longer. Just apply small dots of your product across your face – 3 to each cheek and forehead, and 2 to the sides of the nose and chin – and gently blend, giving you maximum coverage with minimal product usage. It’s the ultimate hack to avoid overdosing on your punchy retinoid. Get ready to see incredible results and wave goodbye to product wastage and unnecessary irritation!

Dr Sam showing how to apply skincare with the 13 dot technique
2) Moisturiser Goggles – Safeguard Your Delicate Skin

If you’re new to retinoids or struggling with treating melasma on the cheekbones, you’ve probably experienced irritation around your eyes at some point. Enter the Moisturiser Goggles – a game-changer for protecting your delicate eye area. Simply apply a visible layer of moisturiser around your eyes before using your retinoid or melasma treatment. Bid farewell to irritation and embrace a seamless skincare experience!

Dr Sam's Moisturiser Googles Technique
3) Dilute – The Power of Precise Titration

Dealing with a product that feels too strong? Don’t fret! The Dilute technique is here to save the day. By diluting your potent products with a neutral base – a bland, actives-free moisturiser, you can control the strength and gradually acclimate your skin to powerful actives. Say hello to precise titration and wave goodbye to overwhelming your skin!

4) Feathering – Your Path to Flawless Pigmentation Treatment

Dreaming of an even-toned and radiant complexion? Feathering is your answer. This alternative layering skin care routine works wonders when using treatments for pigmentation. Gently blend your product around the hairline and jawline, just like you would with foundation, to achieve a soft, seamless finish.

5) Double Layering – Embrace the Power of Blended Edges

When it comes to treating pigmentation, double layering is your secret weapon! Apply your pigmentation treatment twice, but here’s the magic – allow the first layer, applied all over using the 13 Dot Technique – to dry before adding the second. This technique creates perfectly blended edges and ensures a more uniform distribution of the product.

6) Zoning – The Ultimate Sophistication for Targeted Results

Welcome to the advanced level of layering – Zoning! This clinic-favorite technique targets different actives to specific areas of your face. For instance, use oil-blasting products like Flawless Neutralising Gel in your T-zone to tackle blocked pores and breakouts. On your cheeks, opt for Flawless Brightly Serum to focus on pigmentation and fine lines. Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all routines with this layering skin care routine and embrace a personalised approach for targeted results!

Dr Sam's Zoning Technique

7) Sandwich Technique – Your Barrier Rescue in Colder Weather

Picture this – it’s a chilly day, and you want to keep using your actives without irritating your skin. The Sandwich Technique to the rescue! Simply layer a nourishing, occlusive over your active treatment to create a protective seal. And shield your skin barrier by applying a thin layer of hydration before your active to slow down penetration of your actives. This technique is super-helpful during retinoid initiation or in colder weather, ensuring you can keep enjoying your actives without discomfort.


Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the secrets to mastering the art of skincare layering! Knowing how to layer skin products is essential, and with these 7 layering techniques in your arsenal, you’ll elevate your skincare routine to new heights, achieving remarkable results and a glowing, radiant complexion without any drama. Remember, layering is not just about applying products in any old order; it’s an art that allows you to customise and optimise your routine. Embrace these techniques, tailor them to your unique skin needs, and get ready to revel in the beauty of your transformed skin.


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