The Only Skin Detox You Need To Start The New Year

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As a concept, I don’t buy into the need for a detox when it comes to the skin. However, I am a huge fan of a skincare product detox.

Skincare simplified is the best kind of routine. So many people are using skincare as entertainment with a lack of consistency – too many products, lots of cash spent and not enough results. The New Year is a great time to address this and start great, sustainable habits that will compound, like interest.

This is especially true if you struggle with anything from clogged pores and breakouts to perioral dermatitis and rosacea. If you do, you might well be suffering as a consequence of the festive period. It’s one of excess – too much sugar can contribute to inflammation and issues like breakouts and a damaged skin barrier. Excessive alcohol can worsen existing redness. The cold weather can also contribute to dry and irritable skin, leaving our complexion dull, glow-free and unable to tolerate actives that reset your skin. So, what steps really matter?

Skincare Simplified: The 4 Essential Steps

When it comes to skincare there are only 4 steps that really matter. It’s important to do simple things well. This advice is as relevant to a seasoned skincare user as it is someone starting out, and really underpins my whole philosophy to changing your skin and achieving the peace of mind and joy that skincare simplified can deliver.

1. Cleanse

Focus on a single cleanse for a gentle, yet effective deep clean and to reduce damage to your skin barrier. With Flawless Cleanser, there’s no need to double cleanse.

2. Activate

Use active ingredients that are right for your skin. Focus on those that are proven to work, like multi-taskers, azelaic acid, retinoids and niacinamide.

3. Hydrate

Hydration is essential – this keeps skin nourished despite low temperatures and central heating. A strong skin barrier supports hydration by keeping moisture in, especially when using actives in your routine. Flawless Moisturiser Intense is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier after first use.

4. Protect

UV protection is essential all-year round as part of a comprehensive approach to prevent the signs of ageing. Even when cloudy. Especially when skiing. Make SPF a non-negotiable in your daily routine to protect skin health – the last layer of skincare.

Bonus step: Nourish

Skincare starts within. Focus on a varied, plant based diet and aim to eat 30 different fruits, veggies, pulses and nuts a week. Ensure you get plenty of lean protein and moderate alcohol consumption. Our skin loves this kind of antioxidant-rich diet.

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