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revlon oil absorbing roller review

The £13 beauty tool that keeps shine at bayDelmaine Donson – Getty Images

Leaving the house first thing in the morning looking and feeling perfectly groomed is one thing. Maintaining that feeling throughout the day in the heat-soaked summer months, on the other hand, is quite another. Here on the Red beauty team we know the dilemma all too well: you want to look polished, but without using so much makeup that it begins to feel like it’s melting as midday approaches. Tricky.

And ultimately whichever option you go for – no foundation, a full coverage one or something in between – excess shine in high summer is unavoidable. The quick fix? Hitherto it was blotting papers or face powder.

Each comes with their minor tribulations, though. Blotting papers are not always the most sustainable option, and need repurchasing frequently, while even the best face powders are going to cake if you are reapplying constantly. Did we mention that beauty in the summer months can be tricky?

This is why the Red beauty team has fallen for a £12.99 face tool that feels completely revolutionary. It’s neither a blotting paper nor a face powder, but somehow manages to reduce excess shine and perspiration with satisfying ease. Drumroll please.

The Revlon Volcanic Stone Oil-Absorbing Roller, £12.99, is unlike anything we’ve ever used before. Allow us to explain: the tiny ball sat inside the roller is made from a naturally absorbent volcanic stone that mops up excess oil when you roll it over the face. The ball of stone – like magic – eliminates shine and, when used with a light hand, doesn’t disturb your makeup underneath.

It’s small and lightweight, so sits perfectly in a handbag (or even a pocket) for on-the-go touch-ups. The stone is locked into place, but can be removed and washed with warm water and a cleanser to keep it clean. Leave it to dry overnight and come morning, the oil-busting abilities are back to their best. Plus, this is going to last longer than a packet of blotting papers, and definitely doesn’t cake like powders. The team here has been road-testing it for a couple of months and we’re as impressed now with this nifty tool as we were on day one.

Hurrah for smart beauty products that make our lives easier. You can shop our new handbag essential below.

Shop: Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller, £12.99

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