Summer Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Indoors Too © Tanya Garg | Lifestyle Staff Summer Skin Care: 5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Indoors Too

Summer Skin Care: Any skincare routine must include sunscreen, but is it necessary to use it indoors? Wearing sunscreen when stepping outside and applying again it as necessary are important safety precautions, it’s not apparent if the same guidelines hold true when working from home. Whether you are leaving the house or not, it is crucial to apply sunscreen every day. You may halt the ageing process, avoid skin cancer, and improve your skin care regimen using sunscreen.


  1. Sunscreen Protects Against Blue Light: Digital screens, such as those on smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs, emit blue light. These lights can be quite damaging to the skin even if they cannot result in sunburn. Free radicals produced by blue light can hasten the ageing process and promote melanin production in age spots.
  2. Sunscreen Prevents Skin Cancer: The fact that many individuals think the sun won’t harm them indoors may not be the most obvious justification for wearing sunscreen. UVB radiation triggers an inflammatory response that results in sunburn. When a sunburn peels off, the cells that are left behind are more susceptible to damage over time, increasing your risk of developing skin cancer.
  3. Sunscreen Protects Against UV Radiation: Even through window glass and on cloudy days, ultraviolet radiation can penetrate deeply and inflict harm. UVB radiation can cause skin damage in skin cells below the surface, which you might not see until later when spots form.
  4. Sunscreen Prevents Pre-Mature Ageing: The truth is that if SPF 30+ isn’t utilized to prevent the telltale symptoms of ageing, even the most expensive skin care products won’t work to their full capacity. Skipping sunscreen could enhance exposure to your skin from the products when subjected to the sun in addition to decreasing the effectiveness of your goods.
  5. Sunscreen Safeguards Skin: Thanks to sunscreen substitutes that can be mixed with everyday moisturizing products or added to cosmetics, wearing sunscreen year-round is now straightforward. Modern sunscreens are made with high-quality, skin-nourishing components. It is effective right away, feels great, and absorbs swiftly.

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