skin care routine: this viral skin fast detox regime is simple, quick and effective, all you need to know © Provided by Times Now skin care routine: this viral skin fast detox regime is simple, quick and effective, all you need to know

The world of skincare is ever-evolving and what might be the best practice today, might not hold true tomorrow. You should follow a skincare routine that works best for you. From the ingredients that you use to the brands that you choose, all of it should be focused on keeping your skin healthy. Make sure that you follow a regimen that works to keep your skin healthy and this could mean a three-step routine or no routine at all. While the latter one is not advised, it is however an individual’s personal choice.

From Vitamin C to Niacinamide, a lot of ingredients have become popular in the skincare industry. People have started to incorporate them into their skincare routines and these also yield great results. However, using so many products can make your skin over-whelmed and it might need a skin detox. Here, skin fasting comes to the rescue.

What is Skin Fasting?

Skin Fasting is essentially a practice where you skip your skincare products and give your skin a break to rest and rest on its own. This gives your skin the opportunity to function naturally and repair the damage on its own. This also helps your skin to flush out toxins from the skin.

Skin fasting is a new trend that has gone viral and people have been loving it. The rule of this regime is that you don’t use anything on your skin for a few days and this inturn, helps your skin to repair. A lot of times, using certain skincare products might affect your skin, however, you might not see the ill effects of it until you stop using them. And therefore, you could also use this as a way to eliminate products from your skincare routine that might be damaging your skin.

Skin fast, however, also doesn’t mean that you completely delete all skincare products from your routine. It is advised that you use your sunscreen at all times because sun damage can be harmful and therefore, skipping sunscreen is a big no-no.

Should you practice skin fasting?

This is a choice that an individual has to make. However, it is not recommended for people who suffer from skin conditions like hormonal acne, eczema and melasma among others. But for others, you might want to give your skin a rest and let it heal on its own. It would also help you stay away from all the skincare products that you’ve been using. It is something that you could try, however, there’s no scientific evidence to the fact if it actually works.

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