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A growing skin care product business from California decided to put down roots in Avon because of its location, affordability, and the skilled and motivated workforce in Northeast Ohio.

AVON, Ohio — One of our missions at News 5 is to champion Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. We know we have a lot of great things happening here and we want to share it all with you.

Good Morning Cleveland Anchor Mike Brookbank uncovered one such success story out of Avon, where a growing business from California decided to put down roots.

Along the ever-changing Chester Road corridor in Avon is where the new business is setting up shop.

“I just knew that this was the place that we wanted to be,” said Bob Sivik with Linder Health.

Linder Health got its start about two years ago in Silicon Valley.

“We’re in that kind of smaller mid-size company as we’re continuing to grow,” said Sivik.

The company specializes in skin care products for professionals, including “estheticians, spas, dermatologist office, medical spas,” said Sivik.

Meeting the needs of its clients in Northern California, however, presented challenges.

“As the company began to grow exponentially, we were quickly running out of space,” said Lisa Girolamo, CEO of Linder Health/KPAX.

The search for a new warehouse and operations facility led the Linder Health team east.

Not only could the growing company expand its footprint at a cheaper price than out west, but the Northeast Ohio location was another plus.

“Being more centrally located in the country will help with logistics and shipping speeds and being able to service both sides of the coast, as well as some of our customers globally,” said Girolamo.

That all sounds great, but the biggest selling point was the characteristics of those who call Northeast Ohio home.

Workers here display “great work ethic, tenacity, the ability to actually come in and get things done,” said Sivik.

Just to make sure they could find the right people to fill positions, Linder Health did some research to make sure the talent pool checked the boxes for what they needed, “and very happy to report that it does,” said Girolamo.

The Linder Health team expects their growth to be slow and steady, and this new facility satisfies current needs while setting itself up for future growth.

“We also have enough space here to have an education facility of licensed estheticians to provide the training to our professional customers,” said Girolamo.

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