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In her recent blog, Angela Jia Kim shared beauty and wellness secrets from her three-week trip to Thailand. As she was in the Land of Smiles, smiling is one of the seven tips which naturally makes one more attractive.

Besides going to the beach, Kim was in Bangkok for the launch of Savor Beauty — her skincare brand inspired by her Korean mother and self-care rituals.

“My mother always said treat your skin like the most expensive silk on Earth. So I was ingrained to take care of my skin since my 20s. Today, as a busy mom living in the chaos of the Big Apple, I want flawless skin in a New York minute,” said the Korean-American entrepreneur.

Previously, Kim was a classical pianist. Before going on stage in one concert, she applied a lotion and broke out in hives during the performance.

This made her concerned about the ingredients. So she researched and sourced organic ingredients to make her own lotion in the kitchen.

In 2009, she began selling her natural skincare products, and two years later opened her first boutique spa in NYC’s West Village.

At this very spa, Chalita Salirathavibhaga fell in love with Savor Beauty and planned for its first venture outside the US. As a result, its skincare products and facial treatments are now available at Savor Beauty in Soi Promsri, Sukhumvit 39.

Organic ingredients are featured in clean formulas with luxurious textures and aromas. Each product is numbered, from 0 to 5, to simplify daily self-care.

“At our New York spa, guests were confused about which product to use. I marked 1, 2, 3 and so on to help them apply the products in the right order. Following a rebranding in 2017, the numbered skincare system makes it easy to follow the steps of Savor Beauty ritual,” Kim said.

Labelled 0, Coconut Jasmine Pre-Cleanse Oil or Kalahari Melon Cleansing Oil are used for the first step of the double cleansing, followed by cleansers or cleansing cream with the number 1.

“When you don’t wash your face at night, sweat and sebum will have a little party inside your pores, leading to breakouts,” she noted. “So you need to thoroughly wash your face. Enhanced by the products’ lovely smell, the double cleansing process purifies, not only the skin but also your soul. You will feel more peaceful when going to bed.”

In the morning, Kim starts her day with a cup of coffee and the number 2 Toning Mist, which wakes up her skin and soul. The five formulas include Calming Lavender, Clarifying Tea Tree, Hydrating Rose, Balancing Neroli Blossom and Refreshing Rosemary Mint.

The Toning Mist can be blended with a few drops of serum. The Carrot Rose Serum contains a natural retinol, the Raspberry Seed Serum addresses fine lines, while the Pumpkin Seed Serum provides a brightening effect.

“Massaging the mix of the serum and mist onto your face will give K-beauty’s gorgeous dewy skin because of the water reflection,” she noted.

The numbered skincare system also includes 2.5, which refers to Hyaluronic Acid Serum for quenching thirsty skin before applying the serum and moisturiser, respectively numbered 3 and 4.

Kim sourced a white truffle extract, dubbed “white diamond” for the hydrating moisturisers, while pumpkin seed oil is the key ingredient in the brightening formula.

“When moisturising with the Truffle Face Cream or Pore-Perfecting Pumpkin Face Cream, you are layering the skin with love,” she said.

Likewise, layering the number 5 Caviar Eye Cream over the Pomegranate Peptide Eye Serum tends to the window of the soul.

The skincare products are made in small batches by women at the brand’s Beauty Kitchen in Hudson Valley. Her mother inspired the “Dollars and Scents Program”, which gave jobs to women transitioning back to work.

Above all, Savor Beauty is defined as a “spiritual skincare” brand. Kim’s holistic approach is elaborated in her book Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks Of Self-Love Rituals To Manifest Abundance, Beauty, And Joy.

The first week of self-transformation focuses on the skin and how to treat it like silk. “Your skin can tell a big story about your feeling, emotion and spirit. How you treat your skin is how you treat your soul,” she said.

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