Pick Stone for Anxiety Relief, Pick Peel Calming Stone, Reduce Stress Fidget Picky Stone kit with Display Stand for Dermatillomania, ADHD, OCD

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Wellness inspired. Wellness enabled.
With natural and excellent characteristics, the stone is carefully selected with nooks having pouched aperture for the filler. The filler, being made from latex rubber, with the aid of the hook helps and is great in pulling. Although pores vary in sizes, some are small and some are large, this kit enables you to enjoy the thing you do and will you satisfied with the result. Even more, you become more busy.
You can do things freely to this kit, whether you like the filler to be thin or thick as you desired. you can squeeze the filler on the stone surface or deep on the hole. Either way, it can be done. The waiting time for the product to dry depends on how deep the holes are. The deeper the holes, the more product you put, the more waiting time is required for it to dry.After eight hours for the thin layer, the product is already ready to be picked or pulled.
Having 2.3 ounces stone filler. This is capable in filling up six to seven sides. With one steel grade picking tool and tweezers. We have filmed usage videos to help the user get familiarize on how to properly set up and use the kit. The pick is sharp, thus proper precaution must be observed once handling the kit. Furthermore, it is very essential to watch the video and not just disregard it right away. Be sure to use eye protection as the filler can fly out as you are picking!
Kids below 12 years old are prohibited in handling the kit for it can be dangerous, especially when no adult intervention. It is dangerous for reasons like the filler is sharp, an accident can occur when kids wrongfully thought the kit is a toy, placed with it and get hurt. Furthermore, the filler is made from latex rubber, But don’t worry, we added a special flavor to the filler, it will make children have no interest in eating it. Please be assured that the filler has been certified by SGS.

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