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Paula’s Choice has rolled out a new decoding tool that allows customers to instantly analyze the ingredients in any skin care product within seconds.

Designed to cut through trend-based hype, the Beautypedia Skin Care Ingredient Checker allows users to learn how certain products’ ingredients are rated based on scientific research, the company said.

“For 28 years, we have been empowering our customers with more than just proven products—we’ve given them the exact research and truth they need to take the best care of their skin,” said Erika Kussmann, CEO of Paula’s Choice.

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Relying on scientific fact instead of fearmongering, the Beautypedia Skin Care Ingredient Checker rates ingredients based on a scale of best to worst based on cited research from a range of fields, including anatomy, physiology, dermatology, cosmetic chemistry, genetics, environmental science and safety, the brand said.

“Paula’s Choice Research & Education Team and Science Advisory Board have over two decades of experience in the science of skin care, and continually re-evaluate the research to ensure our analysis is accurate and ahead of the curve, based on the latest studies,” said Desiree Stordahl, director of applied research and education.

To use the tool, users can take a photo of the ingredient list straight from the packaging or copy and paste it from the brand’s website. From there, the instant analysis can be sorted by benefits, ratings and functions to understand how the formula will impact the skin. If any bad or worst ingredients are found, the tool also allows users to explore alternatives suited for each skin type.

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Paula’s Choice Beautypedia Skin Care Ingredient Checker is now live on the brand’s website.