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Over six million TikTok users can’t be wrong! This is the viral two-in-one toner and moisturizer sweeping the internet that’s every skin care lover’s favorite little secret – and it’s only $32

By Tanya Sharma For Dailymail.com

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Dry skin can be incredibly difficult to treat. Just ask anyone who’s invested in product after product in the hopes of finally achieving the softer and more supple complexion of their dreams.

For many, the search has come to a complete end with the Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer. For just $31.68, this treatment provides the type of intensive moisture that dry skin desperately craves.

Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer 

Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, this best-selling toner and moisturizer is the perfect addition to any routine for dry skin.

The hybrid product is infused with white leaf tea water, a potent amino acid that strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.

The result is softer, smoother, and more resilient skin that stays continuously supple. Use it day and night for best results. 

$31.68  Shop

This hybrid product is formulated to deeply nourish your skin with minimal effort. It’s a one-step alternative that offers just as much hydration as a moisturizer along with the benefits of a comforting toner.

The product’s hero ingredient is white leaf tea water, an amino acid-rich component that is harvested just once annually and grown in shaded areas. The result is a more effective amino acid that leaves your skin’s moisture barrier stronger, softer, and more resilient.

The Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer is so moisturizing that you don’t need to incorporate a separate hydrating product. Smooth it onto your skin in the morning and evening after cleansing and you’re done.

Of course, you can absolutely layer your favorite moisturizing product on top if your skin is extra thirsty. Using this formula regularly, though, many users report that it’s the only step they need to take to soften their skin.

The Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer is a potent hybrid formula that nourishes skin while drenching it in moisture for a supple finish.

That includes the millions of TikTok enthusiasts who’ve shared their love for this product for years — and who are coming around to the fact that their favorite product is no longer a secret.

‘This product is so moisturizing and refreshing,’ shares one user. ‘I have sensitive and acne prone skin, this product is great for both issues! It’s a staple in my routine now.’

Says another, ‘This toner is absolutely amazing! I have sensitive skin that used to get dry and this has helped my skin retain moisture and stay hydrated. I love that it’s a toner and moisturizer in one.’

The Laneige Cream Skin range is one of the brand’s most popular, with the toner/moisturizer hybrid product ranking as one of the most effective in the collection.

Perfect for elevating your skin care routine and treating yourself to something that both feels good and makes a visible difference, the Laneige Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer offers an easy path to the soft skin of your dreams.


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