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The new item claims to improve skin hydration by 72% and boosting skin firmness by 51%

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LYMA has launched a new range

30,000 people are reportedly on the waiting list for a new skincare duo, which launched last week. The LYMA brand is already a hit with celebrity fans including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson following the launch of their supplement in 2018 and the LYMA at-home laser in 2020.

LYMA Skincare has claimed to be the first skin science to address why people age with eight newly identified mechanisms of skin ageing. LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream Starter Kit (£495) 50ml, is now available exclusively available at LYMA.Life

The latest, innovative launched is made up of over 80% active ingredients – making it unique as skincare products are typically made up of a 20:80 ratio of water to actives, but LYMA Skin™ is turning that on its head with 80:20 ratio of active ingredients to water.

There are a number of ingredients that work together in unison to speed up skin renewable, provide hydration and clear dead

clear dead skin cells, accelerate skin renewal and provide ongoing hydration. Some of these ingredients are widely known of – such as Hyaluronic Acid, but there are a number of LYMA’s patented Genolytics™ that are far more unique.

The LYMA Skincare has been formulated in partnership with Dr Graeme E. Glass PhD, Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College, who was also involved in the creation of the category-defining-LYMA Laser.

He said: “LYMA Skincare takes several ground-breaking scientific concepts and combines them, to once again, create a revolution in skincare. The fact is topical skincare products are formulated to feel good, to look good and to smell good, in that order but with LYMA Skincare we sought to do things differently and we succeeded.”

Lucy Goff, LYMA Founder, said: “You are fighting a losing battle if you only tackle the surface level signs of ageing. In an industry saturated with endless products designed to tackle a limited number of concerns, consumers are left to create their own protocols, often mixing actives and brands that are incompatible, or at worst, cancel each other out. The LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream, have been designed to work together, simplifying the consumer’s routine to deliver genuinely remarkable results.”

The new range underwent clinical trials where 50 people aged between 30 and 65 used the products over a span of 12 weeks. They reported that they saw a 72% improvement in skin hydration, 51% improvement in skin firmness, 24% improvement in skin elasticity and 21% reduction in redness.

There are other luxury duos on the market that claim to boost hydration, such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Hydration & Radiance Skin Duo that is currently £90.90 or Augustinus Bader’s £250 Discovery Duo.

You can buy the LYMA Skin™ Serum and Cream Starter Kit duo here for £495 and the refills here for £445.

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