Nessa Barrett’s Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and ’90s-Inspired Glam

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[light music plays]

It’s Nessa Barrett, and I’m going to

walk you through my in-depth skincare routine

and every-day makeup tutorial.

My first step is cleansing oil.

I use this one.

I’ve been obsessed with Korean skincare recently.

I use these biodegradable individual face towels.

I use this little bar of soap.

It’s a sulfur soap, anti-acne.

Recently, I had a pretty bad breakout,

first time in my life, and it got me to

really start taking good care of my skin.

I’ve done a lot of research, and double cleansing

seems like the best thing.

This is the Dr. Dennis Gross extra-strength daily peel.

It’s two steps.

The first one is exfoliating.

I’ve been using them for three years.

I have a bad problem that once my skin looks

flawless and is good, I kind of just give up on skincare.

I get lazy.

When I start breaking out and struggling again,

I go back to these and they save my life.

Now it’s time for the second one.

You’re supposed to wait two minutes.

This one’s the anti-aging neutralizer.


Use two.

First one that I use is this Paula’s Choice

exfoliate skin-perfecting toner.

Relief toner.

This again is one of my Kbeauty products.

Rose water spray.

I use this to rehydrate my face because

the next step you need a moist face for snail mucin.

I feel like it has helped my skin so much.

Dr. Dennis Gross texture renewal serum.

This one specifically is for acne-prone skin.

[indistinct] eye cream.


Since I’ve gotten into self care,

I feel like the biggest change and the most

helpful thing that I’ve done has been no social media.

Being a young girl,

social media is kind of like a big thing

and I grew up on it,

and so it was hard for me to admit that

it was something that I needed to let go of,

but once I did, my life changed.

Last step of skincare is Aquaphor.

Sometimes when I don’t have hair spray for the-

see flyaways on my hair like that,

this is a little hack that I learned

in like middle school ’cause I used to put chapstick on.

Just put Aquaphor on it and it goes away, you know?

We’re on my self care journey.

So I’m gonna show you the supplements that I take.

My first step is the brows.

I use this Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel.

I love the 90s brows and sometimes,

I will pluck way too much.

My stage makeup for tour has changed so much.

Recently, it’s kind of gone from casual

and comfortable outfits and bold makeup to bold outfits

and natural makeup.

Every time I’m on stage and I wear my tour outfits,

I feel like I step into this alter ego

I call Baby Cowboy.

[Nessa laughs]

I go in with this random freckle pen.

Sometimes I’ll bring out my moles on my face

a little bit and then do you see this pimple right there?

I mean, sometimes I put concealer on it and then

literally you can make it into a freckle.

Contour powder kit by Anastasia.

Just do a teeny dab in all of the ones down here.

Dab it there, make a straight line.

And it like lifts it a little bit.

My favorite blush.

I first go in with the bene tint.

Especially being blonde now,

I love that sun-kissed look.

Dior blush looks so cute.

This next step that I do I feel like

makes my natural makeup almost look more glam,

and it’s all about the lips.

I use two lip liners.

I go in with the intense.

Go directly on the line.

My lips were so thin growing up when I would smile,

I’d have no lips.

The second I turned 17, I got lip filler.

Then, over time, I became insecure

about my lip filler.

Now I feel very pleased with them.

Lighter pillow talk.

And I kind of just fill in my whole lip

and kind of blend in the darker one.

I am very inspired by 90s makeup

and 90s fashion and just the 90s in general.

When I’m getting ready before a show,

I listen to music but at home doing my makeup,

I kind of just like peace and quiet.

I feel like it’s just me time.

For a show, I kind of listen to a lot of things.

It ranges from like the craziest genres ever.

You go to calm, chill, girly vibes

and then full-on energy, heart-pumping music.

Sometimes even my own.

[Nessa giggles]

The last step is perfume.

I use a hair perfume first.

Baccarat Rouge.

This one is my baby.

It is my scent.

It has been for years.

I have many stories where people have been

looking for me and they just follow my scent.

You just wanna drown in it.

This was so much fun.

I hope you like my new wellness routine,

and try it for yourself.

Love you, bye.


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