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Mature beauty expert shares three-ingredient tip for the ‘most radiant’ and ‘glowing’ skin


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Signs of ageing on the face include more than just fine lines and wrinkles, in fact, a flat, dull complexion is also very common. A beauty expert has shared the instant fix anyone can try to restore a natural “glow” back to the skin.

Mature white woman with cream on her face for skin care and in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

The beauty expert combines moisturiser, CC cream and highlighter drops into one layer (Image: Getty)

Visible signs of ageing are almost impossible to reverse without cosmetic procedures but they can be disguised using makeup.

For instant results that are both painless and cheap, those with mature skin can carefully choose formulas that complement their complexion.

And according to one beauty expert, it’s easy to do using just three common products – moisturiser, foundation, and highlighter in a “pearl shade”.

In a video posted on her TikTok profile, the 49-year-old Melissa (@m_tag) revealed how she uses them to put a natural “glow” back into her face.

She recommended it for people who are concerned about flat, “dull” and “aged” skin.

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Elderly woman at mirror in bathroom

The makeup expert suggested using the warmth of the hands for the best application (Image: Getty)

Speaking to fellow TikTok users, Melissa said: “I saw the most beautiful 68-year-old woman who had the glowiest most radiant skin. And of course, in typical Melissa fashion, I asked her what she does to get that glow.”

According to the mature beauty expert, the trick is to mix foundation, moisturiser, and highlighter on the back of the hand and mix them together.

For this hack to work, the products should all have a liquid consistency to ensure they don’t separate when applied on the skin.

A beautiful blond woman putting foundation on her face while sitting in her beauty corner.

The result is glowing and radiant skin without wearing heavy makeup (Image: Getty)

Demonstrating the hack, Melissa mixed the products together before applying the sheer formula onto her bare face using her hands.

While it can be done with a brush or beauty sponge, she noted that the warmth of her fingers “really let it be more blendable”.

The results left a dewy finish on Melissa’s skin which made her complexion look brighter and much more youthful.

She said: “I’m obsessed okay! Can you see this glow that it gave me?”

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    The TikTok star continued: “You saw my skin before, very dull, very aged skin, and I’m always looking for that dewy hydrated look.”

    Showing the results on the back of her “old, wrinkly hands”, Melissa pointed out the drastic difference the makeup hack made to her complexion and urged followers to try it.

    When it comes to the ratio of products, the beauty expert recommended using equal parts foundation and moisturiser but just a few drops of a liquid highlighter.

    She noted that CC cream or even no foundation at all will work just as well for those who require less coverage on the skin.

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