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Korean pop stars and the best skin care products are trending all over the world these days. Everyone is curious about the skin of the K-Pop star that what they do so that age does not affect their skin. Not only this, her glass mirror skin leaves everyone in awe. One of the reasons for this is considered to be their excellent healthy diet and lifestyle habits, but if we talk about their skincare routine, there are many things that they incorporate into their habits from an early age and have for a long life. So let’s talk today about what Korean skincare is and how we can adopt it.


When it comes to Korean skincare techniques, instead of milk or cream base, they prefer to use more oil-based products. You will find oil in most face washes, cleansing milk, toners, etc. in Korea, which does not let the skin dry even after cleansing.

Water base face wash

If you want to remove oil from your face, use oil-based products and if you want to remove dirt from water, use water-based products. This is the second method of Korean skincare, that is, you should clean your skin with the help of water-based face wash.

Facial massage

Facial massage is considered a very important step in Korean skincare. Doing this improves the blood circulation of the face and also brightens the skin colour. Skin looks young. For this, you should massage around the face, near the eyes, and on the cheeks.


Koreans consider it very important to exfoliate the skin. In such a situation, do not ignore scrubbing and keep in mind that the scrub is mild.

Moisturizer is essential

It is important to apply moisturizer on the skin. For this, you can use cream, lotion, and serum.

Use of vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important for the skin. Vitamin C is used a lot in a Korean skincare routine. You will find many products rich in vitamin C and vitamin E here. In this case, you can also use vitamin C-containing face serum, lotion or cream.

Uses of ginseng

Ginseng is actually a Korean medicine, which is also used in skin care products there. It helps to eliminate skin wrinkles. You can buy it from Korean stores. If you use ginseng tea and scrub the remaining tea bags on your face, it will help you to get rid of rickets.

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