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A TIKTOKER has shared her timeless skincare secret for turning back the time on aging.

The beauty influencer has found the holy grail of feeling good in her own – very smooth and supple – skin.

A backward aging TikToker shares her secret to supple skin and a chiseled jawline


A backward aging TikToker shares her secret to supple skin and a chiseled jawlineCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom

The mom approaching 40 gave a glimpse into her glow-up routine


The mom approaching 40 gave a glimpse into her glow-up routineCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom

With her proven skincare routine, the backward-aging beauty content creator will never have to grow up with this glow-up.

“I’ll be 40 next year, I’m fine with this,” the mom told viewers as she could be seen sitting in a car batting her long faux lashes and showing some skin.

Turning her face to the side, she showed off the perfectly chiseled angles of her contoured jawlines and smooth skin – and she credits it all to her strict skincare steps.

“Aging is such a privilege denied to many. I hope all my skincare preventative measures keep me looking good forever!” the fountain of youth finding TikToker explained in her video.

Jin, the youthful appearing woman behind (@yourcoolasianmom) showed off her fresh face while wearing an off-white bathrobe and chunky pink headband to keep loose strands of hair out of the way.

“Hi everybody, as I promised, here is my skincare routine,” she greeted viewers.

With a clear-colored eye pad under each eye, she showed off the first product in her getting younger skin process – the $7.99 Repair Beauty’s Ultra Repair Under Eye Pads she purchased on Amazon.

She apologized for the short video and unprofessional yellow lighting, but nothing could dim this skin savior’s shine.

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This momma continued to explain her regime: “I always use these little eye patches and they have like a lot of serum inside the packet.”

She gently padded the pads that had already been perfectly placed under each eye and explained that she uses them “as soon as I get out of the shower, or around the house.”

The TikToker also pointed out that she prefers to purchase these inexpensive pads when they are from Korea due to the more favorable ingredients as she carefully peeled them off.

The next step in the soon-to-be 40-year-old’s routine was all about achieving a snatched jawline as showed followers the green, curved beauty item that she credited to her fierce and flattering look.

The magic mystery item: a gua sha.

Using the budget-friendly stone tool, she got her gua sha game going as she held her dark, wavy hair to the side.

“I go from around my chin area, all the way up. I take a lot of careful attention to my jawline and my cheekbone area because I really want to stimulate the collagen, and get a really snatched look,” Jin said.

She looked pleased with her now sculpted skin as she placed her hands – which featured perfectly coiffed nails – under her chin.

The chiseled content creator moved her hands over her face to show the gua sha effects as she explained how it also “gets the blood moving in my face.”

She continued: “I try to get the serum that is inside the little pouch, smooth it all over my face.”

The face-toned TikToker then showed off her next product: Sephora Glow Peel Pads with AHA + PHA which sells for $17.

She explained that she first started using these satisfying little pads after reading glowing – literally – reviews about the product.

Her on-sale purchase proved to pay off as it is now an integral part of her beauty process. As the camera suddenly went off-center, the mom apologized again for her set-up – but that didn’t stop her.

With her phone propped up on her coffee mug, she continued to move the pad around her face.

“Anyway, I use the little pads and I like just go over my face,” she exclaimed.

She also emphasized a piece of advice: “One thing to be careful about is always making sure that you’re never pulling down on your face. You want to make sure anything that you’re doing you’re wiping up.”

With ringed fingers, she made these movements herself as she went on: “This really helps with your complexion. I have a couple of dark spots that are on my cheek.”

The years younger-looking TikTok mom finished up her flawless maneuvers as she expressed her excitement at the continuous results: “It has really helped improve the texture of my skin.”

She then introduced another magic-making skin product to the mix.

She pointed to the inside of an almost empty $28 Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer – and it was almost all gone for good reason.

She expressed her gratitude for her glowing expression.

“As you can see, I actually do use it, I’m almost done. Kate Somerville, if you’re out there and you see this, I love you,” she exclaimed.

“I usually put like the dab of moisturizer on the back of my hands as well to make sure I can get a little bit on the back of my hands. I really, really love this moisturizer. It’s really, really good,” she said.

She then let viewers in on the fact that she also uses the matching treatment to wash her face.

The glowing beauty guru also advised followers on the most crucial part of the process: “But really like I said, pay careful attention to how you’re applying everything.”

The next step was all about the neck.

She used a $10.99 The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream from Sephora to wake up to less-crepey neck skin as she reminded followers: “And don’t forget the neck.”

Though she hadn’t used it as much as other products, she explained that it was worth trying again.

“It’s pretty good, I think. I’ve used it a few times. As you can see, I always use my ring finger to just kind of apply all the products around my eyes in,” she demonstrated.

She also explained the reasoning behind the steps for achieving her skin goals.

“I want to use as minimal pressure as I can around the eye area, that’s really delicate and thinner than the skin on the rest of your face,” she said.

She once again brought out her most loved-up Kate Somerville moisturizer: “Like I said, a little bit on the back of your hands because your hands give away your age.”

The beauty influence – who indeed seemed to be aging backward – also gave a glimpse of herself with a full face of glam makeup on as she showed how she doesn’t care that she’s almost 40.

Over 100 of her followers were fans of the beauty creator’s snatched skincare secrets.

“Your skin is better than mine and I’m 16,” remarked one seemingly stunned viewer.

“My skin wasn’t great at 16 either. There’s always time to start now!” assured Gia.

Others couldn’t get enough chiseled tips.

“Can you pls make more skincare? Like night/morning/weekly? Anything else monthly? Once a year?”

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“Yes! Will do!” the TikToker acquiesced.

She got her skincare regimen party started with some of her favorite products


She got her skincare regimen party started with some of her favorite productsCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom

She made sure to move the products into all the right places


She made sure to move the products into all the right placesCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom

Her jagged-edged gua sha stone was her coveted sculpted secret


Her jagged-edged gua sha stone was her coveted sculpted secretCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom

The ageless beauty influencer showed off her full night on the town look post-skincare routine


The ageless beauty influencer showed off her full night on the town look post-skincare routineCredit: TikTok/yourcoolasianmom