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Last Updated: November 05, 2023, 16:54 IST

Glacial Glow: What Is An Ice Water Facial? Does It Really Improve The Quality Of Your Skin?

Glacial facial or ice facial has been sought after skin care treatment thanks to its popularity with celebrities all around the world

Facial puffiness, the horror in the mirror as soon as one wakes up is a nightmare for most women and some men. Wouldn’t it be great to have flawless skin and a healthy glow consistently? Say Hello, to the secret weapon for almost all skin care professions, Ice-Ice-Baby.

Glacial facial or ice facial has been sought after skin care treatment thanks to its popularity with celebrities all around the world. There are videos doing round in social media of certain celebrities and especially Koreans swearing by the impact of dunking their face into a bowl of ice or rolling an ice-filled cloth around their face and they are right on point. The fresh and relaxed feeling when cold water is used to wash the face is a good indication of that a cooler water temperature tightens, renews, and refreshes the appearance of your skin.

Dr Mythri Chagarla, Dermatologist, Kosmoderma Healthcare, says, “Ice is traditionally used to reduce inflammation, ease pain and soothe sunburns in one’s body. The science behind this is simple, it increases blood flow circulation it soothes surface, tightens the skin and gives rosy glow.  Ice facials help people dealing with rosacea and acne by calming down the triggers caused by inflammatory agents.”

Though ice facial is not a solution for all the skincare problems, there are some amazing benefits attributed to this. Dr Chagarla explains the benefits:

  1. Calms and soothes blemishesIcing calms and soothes irritated skin. It helps to reduce swelling and redness of acne. It also gets rid of swollen and puffed face so that acne ointments work well. It helps to give radiant and bright skin.
  2. Reduction in pore sizeIce facial helps in shrinkage of pore size and get rid of enlarged clogged pores caused due to debris and excess sebum.
  3. Reduce facial puffinessWhen one has had a rough night’s sleep or a long day, Ice facial helps in feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated by reducing the facial puffiness
  4. Reduces wrinklesIt also helps in reducing wrinkles as well as the appearance of fine lines. This can create a smoother skin surface that can enhance the appearance after make-up application.

As with any treatment, there are some potential side effects for ice facial. If there is a pre-existing skin condition, one should consult their skincare expert before going for an ice/glacial facial. Other effects are:

  1. DrynessCold temperatures can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leading to dryness.
  2. Sensitivity and IrritationIndividuals with underlying skin conditions like eczema are more susceptible to skin irritations and redness following ice facials
  3. Skin DamageApplying ice directly to the skin for an extended period of time can lead to damage to the skin, such as frostbite or ice burns.

Ice facials can be done as a regular part of the skincare routine. However, it is crucial to do it in the right manner. Approach in moderation and get the most benefits of ice facial and show off that rosy glow to your peers and relatives.

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