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Expert Shares Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips For Healthy, Acne-Free Skin (Image credit – Pexels)

Ayurveda has a solution to every problem, be it related to overall health or beauty related issues. This medicinal practice, which has been going on for over hundreds of years now, has amazing skincare and haircare benefits.

So, we are here with expert Ayurvedic skincare tips which can not only help in getting healthy skin but also make it acne-free.

Dr. Chaitali Rathod took to her social media recently and shared some skincare tips to get healthy, acne-free skin. She wrote while sharing, “There are so many patients I consult with unclear skin & acne issue, it has many causes behind it, and not just applications of chemicals, moisturisers & other cosmetic products will treat it if you have issues internally!”

Ayurvedic tips for skin

Gulkand – This amazing product introduced by Ayurveda has an amazing effect on the skin, hair, and balances pitta dosha, corrects digestion & it will give you glowing skin with a healthy gut.

Face mask – Application of ayurvedic face mask made up of aushadhis like haridra, daruharidra,manjistha, neem powder, chandana, yasthimadhu, shalmali, rose petals powder with rose water or normal water gives you very amazing results.

Cut off hot spices from your diet, as hot things will increase your pitta dosa & with high level of pitta, we need to stop excessive consumption of spices like chillies, mustard seeds, black pepper as it is dry & hot in nature & causes indigestion, after all indigestion is the cause for your unhealthy skin & acne! We need to stop the cause to treat the disease, that’s the 1st rule of treatment according to Ayurveda.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice. Always consult an expert before making any changes to your skincare or haircare routine.


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