Chatting Breakouts and Congestion With Model + Influencer Mariah Idrissi

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I had the pleasure to sit down and chat skin over a cuppa with Mariah Idrissi after she reached out to say that she was struggling with her skin. She’s incredibly down-to-earth and relatable – so when she suggested we film our chat so we could share her journey and plan, I was delighted.


This comes at an interesting time when the trending TikTok hashtag #deinfluencing is on the rise. Stripping back your routine to the right essentials is the ultimate power move when it comes to keeping skin in line and looking camera-ready.

We talked through Mariah’s existing routine, examined her lifestyle and beauty habits for any red flags and how it was impacting her on a day-to-day basis.

What role can cosmetics play in acne?

One of the habits I honed in on was Mariah’s use of longwear foundation. This is a very natural coping strategy to help deal with uneven, bumpy skin but it can have negative consequences, due to its tendency to promote comedone formation and congestion in those who are susceptible (and this is actually incredibly common).

Longwear cosmetics are also extremely challenging to remove, usually requiring repeated cleansing steps which can upset the skin barrier, leading to irritation and provoke breakouts. This drives the need for yet more coverage…..and the skin’s condition gets worse and worse.

What is the best routine for acne-prone skin?

At the core of a successful skincare routine are the right corrective ingredients supported by barrier-boosting basics – I talked Mariah through the use of retinoids and azelaic acid to help unclog her congested cheeks whilst also improving the appearance of dark marks from previous breakouts. I also suggested a new approach to cosmetics which would help boost confidence on tricky skin days without compromising on the condition of her skin. We’ll check in again with her progress in a few months.

Mariah’s stripped-back skincare routine to tackle breakouts and bumpy texture:


  • Flawless Cleanser – A truly uncomplicated, effective and elegant jelly cleanser that removes makeup and daily impurities.
  • Flawless Neutralising Gel – Formulated with 5% Azelaic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid, and 0.5% Bakuchiol. It helps reduce redness, spot size and minimises future breakouts.
  • Flawless Moisturiser – A luxurious gel-cream that absorbs in a flash to leave skin comfortable, dewy and hydrated throughout your busy day.
  • Flawless Daily SunscreenA cosmetically elegant broad-spectrum dream that defies your preconceptions about sunscreen.


Coverage that works with acne-prone skin

Sculpted By Aimee Second Skin Foundation
Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
EX1 Invisiwear Foundation
Nars Complete Matte Concealer


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