Budget Beauty Care: 7 easily available ingredients can help you get flawless skin

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flawless skin
Image Source : FREEPIK Easily available ingredients can help you get flawless skin.

Today the internet has changed our shopping habits. Online shopping has become popular. Apart from the convenience of not having to visit markets to shop and thus, saving money on transport, one also takes advantage of the fact that prices at online shops are more attractive. This is because online shops save money on overheads and can offer lower prices. Internet traffic is bound to increase online portals will become ever-popular shopping destinations. 

Now, if you are searching for budget beauty care online, then it will be better for you if you follow some home beauty hacks by Shahnaz Husain, which can go a long way in saving money on cosmetics and yet, help you look good.

Indeed, many ingredients that are easily available at home have several beauty benefits. 

  1. In winter, for instance, natural oils help to relieve dryness, very much within your budget. Using coconut or sunflower oils is cheaper than buying organic nourishing creams. Coconut oil is valued for its nourishing and moisturizing ability. It softens the skin and helps to make it soft and smooth. It can also be used to remove makeup from the face, including the lips. The advantage is that, unlike other preparations that may contain synthetic ingredients, coconut oil can be safely applied to the lips and even ingested. Another advantage is that, unlike other oils, coconut oil does not become rancid. 
  2. Yoghurt is another ingredient easily available in most homes. It has several beauty benefits uses. It helps to nourish the skin. Since it contains lactic acid, it restores the normal acid-alkaline balance of the skin. It also relieves dryness and removes tan. It has a healing effect on acne. Take 2 teaspoons of yoghurt and add a pinch of turmeric. Mix into a paste and apply on the face. Wash off after 20 minutes with plenty of water. 
  3. Cinnamon powder is another potent home ingredient that helps to cure acne. Mixed with ingredients like methi seed powder, honey and lemon juice, it is a much cheaper remedy for acne than medicated ointments and lotions.
  4. Milk also makes a useful remedy for the skin and hair. To cleanse normal to dry skin, take half a cup of cold milk and five drops of coconut oil or sunflower oil. Put in a bottle and shake well. Cleanse the skin with it, using cotton wool. Keep the leftover mixture in the fridge. This is certainly a budget cleanser for normal to dry skin.
  5. Chocolate is a popular ingredient for face packs and can be made at home easily. Mix three teaspoons cocoa powder and 2 teaspoons oats with egg white and one teaspoon each of honey and yoghurt. Adjust the ingredients, so that it is a thick paste, which does not drip. First, cleanse the skin and then apply the mask, avoiding the lips and area around the eyes. Wash it off after 20 to 30 minutes with plain water. 
  6. Fruits like bananas, apples, mangoes, oranges and even kiwi, avocado and strawberries may be used for face packs. Avocado pulp can be mixed with aloe vera gel and applied to the face to nourish and moisturise the skin. Wash off with plain water after 20 minutes. Fresh and raw avocado should be used. Avocado contains about 20 vitamins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants. 
  7. Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, like Vitamins A, C and B, folate and pantothenic acid; and minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme, which helps to soften and remove dead skin cells, making the skin clearer and brighter. Ripe papaya pulp can be applied on the face or can be mixed with other ingredients like oats, curd and honey to make face packs. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. 

Remember, there are several ways to look good even on a tight budget! 

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