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One shopper who left a five-star review said it’s the “holy grail for clearing your skin”

Shoppers swear by this anti-blemish treatment - and it's on sale now

Shoppers swear by this anti-blemish treatment – and it’s on sale now

If the cold weather is wreaking havoc on your skin, it may be time to introduce some new skincare products into your life – and there’s one in particular which shoppers are snapping up.

Health and beauty retailer Boots stocks some of the best beauty brands in the game, and shoppers have been blown away by this £11 serum which has been said to get rid of dry skin, blemishes, spots, pimples and acne overnight.

Best of all, it’s even on sale now for just £11 instead of £21 at Boots, so it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on the skincare fave.

Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions™ All-Over Clearing Treatment boasts a moisturising formula which absorbs excess oil to prevent breakouts.

Lightweight and soothing, the powerful treatment delivers intense hydration to eliminate dryness whilst creating an invisible barrier against blemish and spot causing bacteria for a smoother, refined complexion.

The anti-blemish solution has proven to be extremely popular amongst shoppers, amassing over 200 five-star reviews on Boots website alone.

One loyal follower who said ‘Everyone should have one in their beauty kit’, added: I have used this for over 10yrs+ as soon as i get a pimple or a blemish this is what i reach for. Really does the job in removing any blemishes I have without burning or irritation unlike other brands.

A second delighted customer said: “Honestly this product along with the rest of the anti blemish system they have are the holy grail for clearing your skin.”

While a third said: “This is a fantastic product and it cleared my acne in under a week! A word of warning though: despite this added moisturiser, this contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide which, despite being a relatively low concentration, can be quite drying if overused. Therefore, apply sparingly. Once a day is enough in my opinion. As a male, I use Clinique For Men Face Wash (excellent as it’s non-drying) and this. Just don’t overdo the cleansing if you have acne, despite what you may think – less is definitely more. I have learned this the hard way.”

Many shoppers claimed they saw the best results when using other products within the Clique Anti-Blemish range, alongside the clearing treatment. To get the whole lot, it may be worth testing out the products with this Clinique Anti-Blemish Mini Kit for £25.

The kit contains Clinique’s anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam, anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion, anti-blemish solutions all over clearing treatment and anti-blemish solutions clinical clearing gel.

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