Benefits of Black skin care with Alexander Narouz and Black Girl Sunscreen

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Skin care is essential, as surfer Alexander Narouz or any representative of Black Girl Sunscreen will tell you.

Recently, rolling out spoke to Narouz, Black Girl Sunscreen marketing coordinator Leslie Bernal, marketing manager Kennidy Holland, and digital coordinator Chanel Charles about the benefits of caring for melanated skin.

What personal care tips do you have for men?

Narouz: Get a skin care routine. My girl put me on a year or two ago. Also, drink more water. Wash your face every day. I’ve been cutting my hair for about four or five months, so learning how to cut your hair saves a lot of money. So, if you’re going to have the same cut, you can always have a fresh cut once you learn it.

What is the overall purpose of Black Girl Sunscreen?

Holland: Our whole mission is to break the myth of “Black don’t crack.” A lot of us grew up with that narrative, but it’s so damaging, especially in the Black community because we’re just as susceptible to skin cancer as people with fair skin tone.

The whole brand was founded in 2016 to reach out to the community of people who look like us to teach you do need to protect your skin from sun damage, melanoma, wrinkles, and dark spots.

It’s perfect because it dries clear, and historically Black people were written out of the sunscreen dialogue. Shontay Lundy, our founder, inserted us into that conversation. [We’ve] been around for almost seven years and have about seven products that are in Target, CVS, Ulta, and Walgreens. We’re just out here spreading the message that everybody needs sunscreen. We’re making a sunscreen that doesn’t leave you with a weird white chalky cast because no one’s that color.

We just make something that works for everybody.

What is a fact Black people should know about the dangers of not wearing sunscreen?

Charles: It’s one of the main reasons Black people need to make sure they wear sunscreen is because they have melanin, which makes it so the signs of skin cancer and aging, we usually don’t see until it’s too late. So, protect your skin.

Holland: There’s typically a higher death rate in the Black community because we get diagnosed later because we don’t think that we need to get our skin checked. That’s something to be aware of, but you need to be going to the dermatologist just as much as you go to your pediatrician or your regular doctor. Get skin checks.

Enjoying the Italian sun and @tashasmith4real introduced me to #blackgirlsunscreen… While it was made with people of color in mind, it can be used on every skin tone and feels so good. So worth supporting ♥️ Wishing the very best to all the entrepreneurs out there 🙏🏽✊🏽

— Janet Jackson (@JanetJackson) August 18, 2023

What was your reaction when Janet Jackson shouted Black Girl Sunscreen?

Holland: We’re always grateful for the organic support. It’s amazing to see who already knows about Black Girls Sunscreen before we even have to reach out. We’re thankful that it’s reaching people of all communities and different lifestyles. We’re so immensely thankful people are supporting us and getting the word out about Black Girls Sunscreen.

It’s always very encouraging and surprising. It doesn’t get old getting excited, but we’re just thankful.


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