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As a luxury skin care expert for over a decade, influencer Brianna Stanko could have been forgiven for thinking she’d seen everything in the beauty business.

But even she was shocked when she saw the sheer effectiveness of Calecim‘s Multi Action Cream when she used it earlier this year.

In fact, the results were so good, Brianna has hailed it a ‘miracle’ and continued to use it ever since.

Brianna says it is the jowls that so often give women’s age away. ‘As we get older, we start to lose that bone structure in our jaw so it becomes a little less defined.’

Brianna says Calecim’s Multi-Action Cream helped ‘bring back the definition into (her) jawline’ with her skin’s improved elasticity after a few weeks’ usage.

‘After a week, you could see a tightening and lifting effect on your skin,’ says the 32-year-old, who has her own YouTube channel called SkinTruth. ‘Everything looked rejuvenated, glowing and healthy.

‘It’s the only product I’ve ever used that puts definition back into the features of your skin and creates that lift. I’d say it’s taken five years off me.’

It can even help with the jowls that so often give women’s real age away, helping to recreate the ‘snatched’ jawline look younger people take for granted.

‘In America, it’s what every woman strives for,’ says Brianna, from California. ‘As we get older, we start to lose that bone structure in our jaw so it becomes a little less defined.

‘But Calecim brings back that definition into your jawline.’

Calecim uses the latest stem cell technology to repair, firm and lift skin and is clinically proven to improve elasticity.

Dr Tapan Patel of the PHI Clinic in Harley Street uses Calecim in his clinic

‘We have loads of different cells in our body – nerve cells, heart cells, blood cells,’ explains Dr Tapan Patel of the PHI Clinic in Harley Street, London. ‘But a stem cell is one that hasn’t become anything yet.

‘It’s not so much the stem cell we’re interested in but the product it creates. Stem cells have little packages called ‘exosomes’ which contain all that material that’s required to repair, regrow and regenerate tissue.

‘Calecim is ‘cultured stem cell media’ – media means it’s not the stem cell but the ingredients from the stem cell, which is packed full of growth factors.

‘There are thousands of them but they all do different things – they might increase collgen, elasticity, improve pigmentation, decrease unwanted blood vessels.

‘It’s a solution containing billions of different molecules that contain growth factors that can then repair the [skin] tissue.’

The active molecule in Calecim is called PTT-6 and clinical trials have found that, when applied to older skin cells, these cells produced 56pc more elastin, which helps your skin snap back when stretched and retain its youthfulness.

They also produced 83pc more hyaluronic acid, the substance that hydrates and plumps up skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s more, skin density – which decreases over time helping give the skin its ‘aged’ look – is improved by up to SIX times when cells are exposed to PTT-6.

The active molecule in the Calecim range is called PTT-6 and clinical trials have found that, when applied to older skin cells, these cells produced 56pc more elastin

‘It’s phenomenal,’ says Dr Patel. ‘They’re incredible responses.’

Dr Patel uses Calecim in his clinic when patients have had treatments such as laser resurfacing because it reduces healing time.

But he’s also seen its effectiveness when used on its own thanks to the use of a hi tech Visia scanner which can measure signs of ageing and detect damage.

‘We’re seeing obvious improvements in skin radiance,’ he says. ‘They do take a few months but when people are using Calecim we’re seeing a drop in calculated aging of the skin. I’ve seen drops of 10 or 11 years.’

The stem cells used in the product are ethically sourced from the umbilical cord lining of free-range red deer – which aren’t harmed in the process. In fact, the umbilical cord is usually thrown away.

‘It does take a few months, but when people are using Calecim, we’re seeing a drop in calculated ageing of the skin. I’ve seen drops of 10- or 11 years.’ says Dr Patel

There are no known side effects of Calecim and no downtime is needed afterwards.

And while there are several products in the skincare range, the most popular are the Professional Serum and Multi-Action Cream. The highly concentrated Serum is used in clinics after procedures but can also be applied at home, with just a few drops beneath your regular moisturizer. The Multi-Action Cream can be used daily for anti-ageing benefits.

‘I had one lady who couldn’t believe her results and commented ‘it’s a face lift in a jar’,’ says influencer Brianna. ‘I definitely believe this cream makes you look younger.

‘I would say Calecim is at the top of its game for skincare technology – their products are head of the game in terms of being able to reverse the clock a little bit on your skin and give your skin that youthfulness back

‘It’s the best product for lifting the skin. You can’t beat the results.’

‘I am close to 50. But people say I look 32!’

Influencer and skincare guru Desi Stark started noticing results after just three weeks of using Calecim’s skincare range

Desi Stark is an American beauty influencer with her own YouTube channel who’s been using Calecim skincare for 18 months now. She says:

I started doing a lot of research into skin care products in my early 20s – you have to start early if you want to stay young forever.

I’ve experimented with skin care products and found there are a few ingredients you absolutely need to have and one is a growth factor because they speed up your skin cell turnover.

With age, cell turnover goes from every 20 or so days to 45 to 60 days which means you lose skin density and experience wrinkles and sagging.

Desi says she uses Calecim’s Professional Serum every other day which she calls ‘Love Potion No 9 because you experience magic with that serum’

Growth factors turn back the clock of time and they speed up your cell turnover and the faster they turn over the more density and more plumpness you have.

When I stumbled upon Calecim, I researched the brand, read their scientific trials and clinical studies – they showed results.

So I bought some of their products and after three weeks started seeing results – I noticed plumpness. It gave me volume. My lines and redness got diminished. It seemed like it soothed my skin so I decided to continue.

I’ve now been using it for 502 days – yes, I’ve counted – and it’s a significant part of my skin regimen now.

I use their Professional Serum every other day which I call Love Potion No 9 because you experience magic with that serum. I use their Multi-Action Cream every night and sometimes the Night Recovery Complex – you wake up with baby skin.

It lifts your whole face – everything goes up – and it smooths the jawline which is very important for a lot of people. You don’t have a visible double chin any more.

Calecim has replaced three products from my old skincare regime. I think it’s the best growth factor product on the market. It will make your skin glow and give you density and a more youthful appearance.

I’m close to 50 but people say I look 32 – that’s the magic of skincare.