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‘Anti-ageing’ ingredient for ‘youthful’ skin brings the ‘sparkle’ back, expert claims (Image: Getty)

Many women go for treatments or ‘tweakments’ as they age in an attempt to look younger.

However, according to beauty expert Diane Ackers, it’s possible to achieve younger-looking skin at home without breaking the bank.

Diana’s ultimate “anti-ageing skincare tip” is to introduce collagen into your daily routine.

Collagen has become a big buzzword in skincare but what actually is it? According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, collagen makes up 75 percent of skin’s support structure. 

“Think of collagen as the frame of your mattress; it gives [your skin] structure and support.”

How to look younger

How to look younger (Image: EXPRESS)

Diane explained why collagen is so important for an anti-ageing skincare regime.

She said: “As we age and notice the loss of elasticity, the slight slackening, and not so luminous reflection, the most effective way to plump up the volume is to introduce collagen into your everyday lifestyle and skincare routine. 

“Naturally we deplete collagen year on year from our late twenties to early thirties, and as our skin is made up of over 70 percent water and collagen, replenishing the lost collagen protein is vital for a youthful, healthy, and glowing skin.”

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The expert explained that collagen can be taken orally or as an ingredient in a skincare product.

She said: “Taking a collagen booster drink daily, starts to replenish the body’s most abundant protein (did you know that over 30% of your body is made up of the collagen protein?).

“This affects the strength, elasticity, and suppleness in your skin, helping to decrease visible wrinkle depth, firm and tone the skin.

“It also strengthens nails, hair, and targets aching joints, helping with increased flexibility in the entire body and skin.”


    The expert continued: “Focus on what makes you feel you’re looking older. Is it your eye area? Does the eye area look darker, more hooded, maybe sunken as if you need a great night’s sleep?

    “Invest in a collagen replenishing eye hydration treatment to help revitalise the dark circles, boost the microcirculation, and illuminate the skin to bring some sparkle back!”

    For skin which is showing a “change in colour” or is looking a little “lacklustre”, Diane recommended investing in an anti-ageing sheet mask “packed with oodles of skin-boosting serum”.

    She continued: “If you feel short on time, opt for a hydrolysed collagen overnight mask. The beauty is in the simplicity – you simply swap out your nighttime moisturiser and replace it with the mask, so your skin benefits all night long and you wake up fresh-faced, with vibrant, more youthful looking skin.”

    Diane Ackers is a beauty expert for Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals.

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