10-Step Night Time Korean Skincare Routine To Give You Glowing Skin In The AM

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Are you too craving for that Korean skincare advertisement like glowing glass skin from within? It is understandable if you are, after all the skincare universe is running right after that glazing doughnut like shine to beam on their pretty faces.

To give you the glowing skin of your dreams, we bring you a handpicked nighttime Korean skincare routine that will make sure you wake up with skin that glows like the moon.

The Night Korean Skincare Routine Of Your Dreams

Practice The Double Cleanse Method:

The Koreans go for a double cleansing during the PM routine using cleansing oils followed by a gentle cleanser to get rid of all the muck.

Exfoliation Is Your Skin’s Best Friend:

The K-beauty routine includes exfoliation once a week in the PM routine. It should be done right after cleansing as it removes dead skin cells.

Close Your Pores And Hydrate With A Toner:


Never skip toning your skin using a gentle alcohol-free toner during the PM routine.

Add Lots of Skin Softening Lotion To Your Skin:

Slap on some skin softening lotion enriched with goodies such as ceramides or sake in the PM.

Don’t Forget To Add Further Moisture With A Dollop Of Essence:

Just like the AM, repeat the application of the essence step after using the skin-softening lotion for hydration.

Slap On A Generous Amount Of Serum:

For the PM routine, definitely top your skin up with a serum to help with any target skin issues you might have.

Never Forget Your Spot Treatment:

If you’re somebody who has acne prone skin, you better use a spot treatment to dry up the lesions.


Oodles Of Eye Cream Is A Must For The Sensitive Under Eye Area:

Eye cream is an ever so integral step in the Korean PM skincare routine. So nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes right.

Top Your Skin Up With Deeply Moisturising Sleeping Mask

Another important step of the PM skincare routine, sleeping mask that deeply moisturises and hydrates your skin. The moisture helps to lock in that essential moisture and keep the skin hydrated all night long. 

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Finish Off The Skincare Routine With A Lip Sleeping Mask

Here’s the final step of this rather elaborate ten step skincare routine. Yes, you guessed it right. We wrap up the night time Korean skincare regime with a thick and nourishing layer of lip sleeping mask to be applied on your tender lips. This repairs and gives deep hydration to your lips through the night and makes them plump and soft as you wake up in the morning.

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Disclaimer: We advise you to keep your skin type and sensitivities in mind while you follow this skincare advice. Also, make sure you do a patch test to avoid any allergies or inflammations.


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