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This $12 OTC Treatment Is the Closest Thing You’ll Find to Prescription Retinol

This $12 OTC Treatment Is the Closest Thing You’ll Find to Prescription Retinol

If a miracle-in-a-bottle type of skincare treatment actually existed, we’d probably all be using it already. But when it comes to the hunt for the next best thing, if you ask a dermatologist or esthetician, most of them will probably tell you that retinoids( the branch of vitamin A derivatives to which retinol belongs) are the closest thing you’ll find along your journey to find a concoction that’ll help you reach a flawless complexion.

Put simply, retinoids are a group of chemical compounds that have earned the seal of approval from dermatologists because, unlike so many other buzzy active ingredients in our serums, ointments, and moisturizers, they’re actually backed by years of ample clinical study backing their effectiveness as both a management for smudges and a myriad of anti-aging concerns, including pitch-dark spots, quality and punishment strands. Basically, you can think of retinoids as an expedited exfoliators-but with some additional benefit. The strongest forms of retinoids require a prescription from your dermatologist or physician, and while they render the most immediate solutions, they also come with the most side effects, including redness, peeling, and intense dryness.

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Differin gel amazon

Courtesy of Differin.

Buy: Differin Adapalene Gel $12.88

Whether you’re looking to avoid a costly trip to the derm or you’re just not quite ready to suffer through the transitional ” oust ” stage that kind of comes hand in hand when you’re using stronger RX retinoids like tretinoin( brand name Retin-A ), consider trying Differin . Previously available by prescription exclusively, Differin’s skin-enhancing mystical strengths are brought to you by its active ingredient Adapalene — the strongest retinoid assemble that’s( now) available sans a doctor’s script.

While it’s primarily marketed as an acne treatment, this concentrated skincare product has amassed a rather large cult following for its added “off-label” interests. Loyal love of the pharmacy gel say it also wields wonders for ironing out penalty orders and crows feet, smoothing composition, and fading the illusion of sunspots and hyperpigmentation–and it’ll simply adjusted you back around $12. Need some more convincing? Just head to the link above to check out the impressive before-and-after photos.

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